I’m Official!

Yes I am! My website is up! http://www.carolynhartdesigns.com/ I am so excited about this. It brings me closer to the fabulous ladies I cater to!! It also allows me to display my art to any curious on lookers. Today, without a website, it definitely puts you a step behind the next guy. God, I love making clothes!

I know it’ s been ages and ages since I last posted anything. So busy I’ve felt the last few months have turned me upside down. I recently took a trip to Tennessee to visit family. We all took a day trip to Nashville. I was blown away by the down-to-earth yet very well put together looks I saw on the street. This city is the Hollywood of the south. Of course this was the day I didn’t bring my camera! I loved how on the sidewalks there would be people singing country music hoping to get discovered. They were good too! There is also shops selling cowboy boots for 2k!! Love it!

back to work.

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