This will be mine someday! I am totally willing to lay down a pretty penny for one. Save, save and save some more – my motto so that this year I can treat myself to this!! Good thing salad is my favorite food cause that may be all I can afford for a while…

Okay, lets go!

So it’s officially my first post of 2010! And a post that is very much due, as the last one was in June… Everyone slips up now and then and lets the lazy monster take over, right??
Well, this entry won’t be a novel but it is my promise to put forth more effort and stick to my goals of 2010 – yes, I’ve made some new years resultions! So far so good :)
I am still working with adidas – it’s been good to me these past 4 years – trips to Asia and Europe are not bad deals! Without taking time away from adi and Bear I am going to spend a whole lot more time in Nashionland. (As my mom says “when you love something/someone you just make more time for it” – ’nuff said.) This is my mine and my studio mate Alyson’s home away from home. Anything one might need to be a crafty fashion nashionista is at your fingertips. I get super giddy just thinking about it. Yup!


Here are some photos from the other designer’s collections. Can I please have all of them please?? :)

Clair, by Alyson Clair
Janeane Marie
Adam Andreas
StudioSKB, by Sharon Blair

My review

So Pdx Collections was a complete success. Months of preparation gave way to a show that we can all be proud of. The event took place outside our studio, right in the heart of industrial North Portland. A trian even scooted by during the show, it was too perfect.
We are already in talks for the next one…

Below are some of my favorite shots from the runway.

Just around the corner…

So Pdx Collections is almost here!! I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a fashion show. Alyson, the one and only Clair, and I recently moved into a new studio. We are literally just down the hall from 2 of the other 3 designers. This building where our studio is just happens to be completely filled with people doing something creative. Among clothing designers- we have photographers, Ariel artists, an exotic dance studio and someone who makes life size puppets and props. So cool!

In other exciting news I am going to Paris! I still am in shock. But my ticket is all ready and paid for! I am obsessed with Paris street fashion. This is the clientele that I dream to have. They are so chick in an absolutely effortless way. Familiar with The Satorialist? Here are some photos of my latest fav “Parisian” looks that he’s photographed.