Okay, lets go!

So it’s officially my first post of 2010! And a post that is very much due, as the last one was in June… Everyone slips up now and then and lets the lazy monster take over, right??
Well, this entry won’t be a novel but it is my promise to put forth more effort and stick to my goals of 2010 – yes, I’ve made some new years resultions! So far so good 🙂
I am still working with adidas – it’s been good to me these past 4 years – trips to Asia and Europe are not bad deals! Without taking time away from adi and Bear I am going to spend a whole lot more time in Nashionland. (As my mom says “when you love something/someone you just make more time for it” – ’nuff said.) This is my mine and my studio mate Alyson’s home away from home. Anything one might need to be a crafty fashion nashionista is at your fingertips. I get super giddy just thinking about it. Yup!

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