My pretty website

With many thanks to the fabulously talented Sarah Giffrow, my website is now updated with photos from my Fall/Winter collection. Seeing the garments come to life on “film” makes everything so alive and worth every single sewing needle prick! Most pieces can be found at Union Rose & Mag Big in Portland Or.

First Friday Oct 7th

I am doing a First Friday event with Sarah Giffrow Creative and Elizabeth Jewelry! Sarah photographed my FW11 collection which will be on display at this event. I absolutly adore her and feel so lucky to have worked with her. This will be the first time working with Molly of Elizabeth Jewelry and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She makes gorgeous handcrafted silver jewelry I could see my self wearing everyday. Feel free to pop by and say hello and have some wine!

Ally 33 Fashion show

OK friends, this is going to be a fantastic fashion show! Not to be missed! Some of Portland’s greatest designers will be showing their yummy collections. July 23rd ~ Doors open at 4:00, show is at 6pm. Alley @ 33rd and Hawthorne Blvd Get tickets ahead of time here ~ xo

What I love

You will be hearing this a lot from me. I have been putting what I love most on hold, not really sure why, but probably because I had to give that other side of me a chance to shine. Well, that being said, I did it and I’m ready to give more to this side. The side that lets me drape fabric like the most delicate and loved piece of ceramic pottery you own. I don’t think words can really translate the passion. It just is. Here I go! I can’t stop looking at this beautiful piece by Elie Saab!

New job! This year is definitely starting off on the right foot. I am a big fan of “new” which almost always goes hand in hand with “exciting and brain over-load” in my case! I will be faced with new challenges, an array of new fabulous co workers and of course new product. I am not moving far from where I was before – but my responsibilities will grow and I will dive into more aspects of which I most affectionately call Apparel Mania. I am so lucky to be working and living my passion! I’d like to leave you…

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