I’m Official!

Yes I am! My website is up! I am so excited about this. It brings me closer to the fabulous ladies I cater to!! It also allows me to display my art to any curious on lookers. Today, without a website, it definitely puts you a step behind the next guy. God, I love making clothes!

I know it’ s been ages and ages since I last posted anything. So busy I’ve felt the last few months have turned me upside down. I recently took a trip to Tennessee to visit family. We all took a day trip to Nashville. I was blown away by the down-to-earth yet very well put together looks I saw on the street. This city is the Hollywood of the south. Of course this was the day I didn’t bring my camera! I loved how on the sidewalks there would be people singing country music hoping to get discovered. They were good too! There is also shops selling cowboy boots for 2k!! Love it!

back to work.

New Adventure ahead!

So this past Saturday Alyson (with Clair Vintage) and Jennifer (with Billie Jean Retro) went to Seattle to meet with a boutique called Velouria. Long story made short – we are all going to be selling there come fall! I am SO excited!! This means I need to bust out all grading and get my site up and running soooon! But I am so excited and know this is going to be an incredible experiece. I will be in a total of 3 stores. I am going to cap it at 3 stores for a while. I want to nourish my relationship with each boutique. After all, it’s not quantity but quality!

Fall ’10

My fall ’10 collection has been shot! The photo shoot was yesterday and I could not have asked for a better team of people to have worked with! I will soon have photos up to show you. I’ve been working on this non stop for the past couple months – and I cannot wait to see everything in print. It always makes things seem a little unreal (in a good way). Next up – I’m taking it on the road. To Seattle that is. I cannot wait to meet you beautiful boutiques!

Growing Up

Yes I am! Well, I feel all “big girlish” because I just got a lap top computer at work. I can now take it home with me and on trips when I travel for work. Basically it just makes things a little easier and less stressful – like if I’m home sick or don’t feel like working late at adidas… I will just work late from home!
Yay for big girl moments! xo


Well, it has been quite a while since my last post. My only excuse is that I have been incredibly busy and when I have down time it is almost always spent in my studio. I need to get in the habit of writing something every couple of days at least – even if it’s only a few sentences. It’s always fun to look back on the past posts and know what I was up to that day.

So, right now I am in Herzo, Germany. This is where the main headquarters of adidas are. Along with a few co-workers, I am here for the MLS ’12 season kick off. I am always working 2 years ahead. Needless to say, I am usually stuck for a second when I need to write the currect date on a check.

Everyday here has been incredibly busy. We got here on Saturday afternoon, so Sunday and Monday (which was a bank holiday) were play days. On weekends the shops are all closed – so it was a perfect day for the museums. Our hotel is in Nuremberg and there are lots of museums for tourists to check out. There is SO much history here! Our first stop on Sunday was the Albrecht Druer Haus. He was an incredible artist from the late 1400s to early 1500s! Next was a medieval dungeon and torture chamber dating from the early 1300s!! Can you believe that?? I love that creepy stuff. I am coming from a place where 1800s is considered ancient! After the torture chambers we hit up the Nuremberg museum. After 5:00 the renaissance section is free. Let me tell ya, if you can make it thru half in that time you are lucky. So needless to say after that we were exhausted. Dinner was at Sushi Light across the street.

Monday was planned for the zoo but it turned into a ‘sleep late and nap’ kind of day. That night we meet up with the rest of our co-workers who flew in that day and had some amazing Thai food for dinner.

The rest of the week has been work, work, and more work. With always something planned for the evening. We are always taken such good care of by our fellow counter parts! I slept like absolute crap Tuesday night, which made me comparable to a zombie on Weds. So I popped a couple tylenol PM’s last night and slept like a baby.

Man, the German’s really know how to dress!! I am always inspired to take more risks when I’m here. PLUS the adidas here store has way better stuff so I’m going to stock up on as much Stella McCartney and Y3 stuff I can possible afford. Which won’t be much so I will try to narrow it down to the key peices.

Okay, back to work. Will keep you posted on any cool shoppings I find.