Sometimes you just gotta step back

And that’s exactly what I did! I have the nasty habit of expecting too much of myself.  I’m sure that never happens to anyone else!  And when too much is taken on it’s nearly impossible to make the work GOOD!  And I just don’t want to settle.  So here is a little of what has been happening!

I took a break for SS13.  BECAUSE, for FW13 I began working with a sales rep.  And I wanted to focus on making that debut one that represented who I was and wanted to be as a designer.  And let. me. tell. you.  I wish I could shake myself from two years ago and say just do it!  It’s a daunting thought, but it was truly the smartest thing I could have done for my line.  Cabana Reps is awesome!!

I also changed day jobs.  Which was huge.  It was the backer of my passion for 7.5 crazy years.  I now have a new backer which I LOVE!  In fact, that job just took me to Iceland!!  Though I wish I could focus 100% of my time on my line, money doesn’t fall like glitter. Sooo, I consider myself quite lucky to not only work in the industry, but be in an industry that takes me all over the world.

My website also got a make-over.  I love you Sarah Giffrow!!  She also did my gorgeous logo.  You know when something just feels like?  Great jeans, sexy heals… Amazing art!  It’s very reminiscent of Studio 54.  I will also be doing First Thursday with Sarah at her new location in Old Town.  There will be wine.  And I am wine drinker!

So, here is a sample from my FW13 line.  I love it from the bottom of my heart 🙂


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